The Empathinary

Empathinary is a made-up word. It is a combination of two separate words with distinct definitions: empathy and dictionary. When combined, a new definition arises:

noun. a source for understanding; a collection of personal works from numerous individuals seeking to demonstrate their understanding of a certain universal topic or concept.

This is a pretty long-winded definition, so let’s make things a little bit clearer.


Everyone has a story to tell. More importantly, every story means something and offers a unique chance to step into the shoes of the person telling it.

The Empathinary wants to hear those stories. On it, you can freely and anonymously express your thoughts on any of the topics or concepts being discussed. You will be able to use many common forms of media (writing, sound clips, pictures, videos, and web links), allowing you to demonstrate your unique views with creativity and accuracy.

By sharing your views and experiences honestly and thoughtfully, you give someone else the chance to see what you discussed in a whole new light.


The Empathinary, above all, wants to help you learn something, but it won’t be “learning” in any formal sense. It is unlikely that the things learned on The Empathinary would find themselves in an encyclopedia; these lessons will not be based on strict facts.

Instead, what can be learned on The Empathinary is entirely up to you. The thoughts and expressions that people have shared will be a library, offering new experiences at every turn. With an open mind, you can use the Empathinary to expand your ideas about the world and the people that inhabit it. So long as you are gaining some form of insight, The Empathinary is serving its purpose.

To help you do this, the Empathinary will only have a narrow range of topics and concepts at any one time. This will allow you to gain a sense of the wide variety of views and opinions that people have on a certain point of discussion, giving you a better appreciation of it.


If you were able to learn something from a submission to the Empathinary, chances are that someone else will learn something from it as well. This is perhaps where The Empathinary can help out the most.

If you find that a particular submission gave you a lot to think about, you can favorite it. Then, if someone is looking at one of your submissions and enjoys it, that person will see the post that you favorited. That way, they can go on and gain even more by experiencing something you found interesting.

Eventually, with enough people participating, The Empathinary will not only be able to offer a library of peoples thoughts and experiences, but it will also be able to show the ties that people have made between those thoughts and experiences. And you will have the ability to alter, explore, and absorb all of it.

So after reading the “What Is The Empathinary” section, you may be wondering what concepts and topics will be discussed on The Empathinary. Well, that is where you come in. What do you want to post about? What topics and concepts do you think will best help us learn about each other?

The topics and concepts that are requested the most will be available as subjects for posts when the main website is released. So please, use the following form, and in a few words tell us...

What would you like to learn about on The Empathinary?